Turning Dreams Into Reality 7/08/2015

Do you ever dream of creating a better and more fulfilling life for yourself?  Want to turn your dreams into reality?  Then join me as I begin this journey.  We can navigate this road together.  Do you find yourself saying “If only I was…more talented, wealthy, single, married, younger, prettier etc. I could accomplish….”?  Let me assure you that you don’t need to be anything more than what you are RIGHT NOW!  I will be giving you some exercises to get you thinking and to begin the process.   We do need a vision and direction for our life, but before that we need to think about where we are RIGHT NOW.

Homework assignment #1

Am I happy where I am right now?  Why or why not?  What would happiness look like RIGHT NOW?   What things would I need to be happy RIGHT NOW?

Write down your answers and keep them in a binder where you can go back and look at them during the process.  You will need to do this several times.

I will be posting several times a week with questions to get you thinking, homework assignments, and things to motivate and inspire you.  Feel free to comment and ask for specific things that might help you.


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