Dealing With Bad Behaviors 10/17/2015

One of the hardest lessons to master is knowing in your heart that the bad behavior of others is not your fault.  Sometimes we fear that if it is directed at us, we must be the cause.  This does not give you license to be rude or hurtful.  It does, however give us greater responsibility to be as kind and nurturing as we can, knowing that what we put out into the world generates energy.  Let that energy be positive and calming to the universe.  Positive and loving behavior generates positive and loving energy. If negative and hurtful energy comes back to us, it comes from them.  Do not accept that into your world.  React with sensitivity and love but protect your heart.  Recognize that we all behave with some sort of motive.  Sometimes bad behavior comes from deep hurt, but it can also come from a destructive spirit.   Shielding  your spirit from the painful barbs takes practice but one that is worth mastering. Meet loud and angry people  with a soft, loving voice.  You may have to physically remove yourself from some situations, but that is OK.  Do what you need to do to protect yourself.  Be a nurturer and lover of humanity and protect your heart from harmful forces.  Practice this everyday and soon it will become second nature.

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