Living Intentionally in 2016 1/05/2016

Each year many of us decide to make changes in our lives.  We are sincere, we are motivated and we are ready to get going.  We start with great determination for the first few weeks and then things seem to fizzle out.  Good intentions can carry us for the short term, but deliberate habits can carry us for the long term.

Lasting change begins with intentional living.  Living intentionally can help us define who we are,  who we want to be and where we are going.  Living intentionally can move us from where we are to where we want to be with firmly planted new habits to make sure we succeed.  Each intentional decision we make is like a ripple in the water made from a skipping stone.  It starts out small but can grow to enormous proportions if we go about it the right way. Just like a road map, we can map out our destinations.  The first step is to decide what is important to move toward or change in your life.  Once you define what needs changing, write it down.  Keep a notebook with your goals and the reasons for making that change.  It must be a goal or change that YOU want.  You will never sustain lasting change if it is someone else’s goal we are working on.

One key component to change is to find one small thing you can do RIGHT NOW to make it happen.  Could you rent a workout video or plan your menu for the next day?  Make an appointment for a check up that you have been avoiding?  Perhaps pick up a catalog for the local college and check out the upcoming classes?  Whatever it is just begin..start…map it out…write it down..take one step…make one small effort.  You will be amazed that the hardest step is ALWAYS the first step.

Need more help?  Check back for weekly posts.  Next week’s focus will be on “Intentional living vs. Impulsive living.”

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Happy and Productive 2016 to ALL.




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