Embracing Change 8/10/2015

CHANGE: Just the thought of change in our lives can bring about exhilaration or primal fear.

Whatever the emotion, we are by nature hardwired to resist change.  With a few exceptions, we operate best and are more comfortable with predictable routines, sameness, consistency, and familiarity. Change brings the unknown into our lives.  While this is certainly true, change can bring  about personal and professional growth.  

We grumble when policies at work change, relationships change, and life in general changes.  “This is the way we have always done it,” is often cited as the ultimate reason NOT to change things.  And when life situations force a change  we rigidly resist and often end up feeling disconnected, frightened, and depressed.

The truth is that we are always undergoing some type of change each and every day.  It is how we react to that change that determines our growth potential. Continue reading “Embracing Change 8/10/2015”