Look Beyond the Wrapping this Gift-Giving Season


We are all gifts, wrapped in small or large boxes that are decorated with assorted paper, ribbons and embellishments. Some are fancy, some are rustic, and some are artsy. When we look at all the packages, we can’t always guess what is on the inside. The decorations hide what is inside. You can shake it, hold it up to the light and still not know what it is.

Sometimes we judge a package by its appearance. We are sure the fanciest, largest present contains the biggest, most valuable gift.  That is not always the case, however. The truth is that each of us are like those packages that look different on the outside but deep inside there is an amazing, precious jewel … our soul.

How many times do we judge others by the way they look on the outside, by their color, their behavior or any other outward thing? Inside we are all the same, no matter how we look on the outside. Each one of us is created as a gift, with a precious jewel inside.

Next time you are tempted to judge someone, believe they are inferior, or feel that we are less than, look beyond the outside packaging and see the precious jewel that is in each of us. We are more alike than different, no matter what the outside wrapping.

This Christmas make it a priority to look deeper into those hearts and see the precious jewel in each and every person and as you do know that you are a valuable jewel too. It’s easier to see the value in others when you know your own value. Merry Christmas!

Freedom Always Includes A Voice That Is Heard


Freedom is the ability to breathe, think, and contemplate the sense of openness that fills your heart.  Freedom is safety in the soul, joy in the body.  Freedom sometimes comes with a choice that we make, and at other times freedom makes that choice for us.  Freedom is seen in the knowing eyes of the mom who leads her youngster up the stairs onto the school bus during the first weeks of school.   Freedom is the young wife, who when realizing her hasty marriage was a mistake, takes the initiative to pack her bags and leave.  Freedom is surrounding yourself with those who celebrate all that is special and unique about you and allows you to explore the world in confidence. Continue reading “Freedom Always Includes A Voice That Is Heard”