Finding the Rainbows in Change 8/26/2015

Embracing change and coming out better, stronger, and more grateful takes thoughtful, intentional work and is often hard work.  We easily get STUCK in a negative spiral that can zap our energies and fill our minds with dread.  Questions swirl around our heads.  “What if things get worse or I can’t handle it, or I end up depressed, angry, lonely, scared and alone”?  All the WHY’S and the WHAT IF’S are a normal process when we are going through life changing events.  This can happen even with positive changes, like a job promotion, a move across the country, or when a child goes off to college.

I just  used this method when my doctor told me I have to give up Taekwondo for a month because of a bad heel spur.  This is a small snippet of what I came up with for myself for growth and healing.

1. What is the best thing about this situation?  It allows me to practice handling the  things in life that momentarily derail my routine. Because I won’t be in class every night, I  have now have more free time to visit my new grandson.  It will allow me some much needed down time after work.

2. What is the worst thing about this situation?  Getting farther behind in getting my next level of belt.  I will not be able to test in the coming weeks and will fall behind in class.  I will forget my forms and it will take a while to get back into when i return.  I am still paying for classes I am not taking.  I will really miss it.  I loved my classes.  It kept me motivated.

3. What could I find positive in this situation?  Knowing I am strong and will find other ways to keep in shape. I spent 3-4 nights a week at Taekwondo and also Saturday morning.

4. What could I learn from this situation?   There are other ways to keep in shape.  Losing weight while I take a break will help me when I return.  Using the time to take a exercise class at the gym. working on my golf game and spending more time with friends and family.

The answers may sound the same but you will probably find different answers to each questions.  This is a good exercise in finding many good and positive things about the worst situations.  it is a chance to discover how strong, independent and gifted you are.  Learning to be happy and look for the silver lining is a critical step to lifelong happiness and contentment,

Happy Discovering,


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